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Hydrating Face Gel

Hydrating Face Gel

97% Natural, herbal, rejuvenating and refreshing gel for all skin types.


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face gel for deep moisturization
moisturizing face gel that protects skin from pollutants
aloe face gel for oily, dry, normal and sensitive skin

Luxurious and light weight vegan gel with a 90 % concentration of Aloe Vera sourced from premium farms. Fused with an optimum combination of potent and antioxidant Ayurvedic ingredients like Hibiscus, Licorice, Gotukola, Holy Basil and Green tea to enhance the moisturising, anti-ageing and collagen building properties. Nourishes, protects and strengthens the skin barrier, leaving it soft and supple. Free from nasty chemicals, artificial colour, parabens and silicones. Suitable for all skin types particularly for oily & acne prone skin and for the summer weather.


  • Deeply hydrating & nourishing feather-weight soft texture which spreads easily

  • Optimum fusion of herbs and Aloe to deliver anti-ageing benefits

  • Ingredients enhance collagen and complexion and leave skin smoother and softer

  • Replenishes, soothes, naturally cools and calms to protect the skin barrier

  • Contains humectants and herbs to enhance the moisturization

  • Repairs & Protects from sun damage and extreme weather conditions


97% Natural

Dermatologically Tested

No Harmful Chemicals & No Harmful Preservatives

No Synthetic Colours & Fragrances

Cruelty free & Vegan

Purest Ingredients

Gentle, Mild & Effective

No Heavy Metals

  • Kumari /Aloe Vera - Has collagen building, anti-ageing and anti bacterial properties properties

  • Green Tea - Powerful antioxidant, protects from sun damage

  • Gotu kola / Mandukaparni - Helps in collagen formation, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Step 1 - On a cleansed face, apply one or two dabs of Namaskar Ayurved Hydrating Face Gel evenly on the face and neck. Allow it to settle for a minute or two.

Step 2 - Can be applied below regular sunscreen or make up.

The ingredients in this natural gel can give you a tingling and tightening sensation on initial application which is an indication it is working and should subside in a few minutes. Can be used at any time of the day or night. For best results use daily.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nalinee Rawal
Made my skin supple,radiant and glowing.

Made my skin supple,radiant and glowing. It lightened my complexion within the first uses itself, after about 20 days of use my complexion was one shade lighter and there was a noticeable glow. Amazing, light, cool, refreshing, locks moisture, hydrates well. No strong fragrance which is good, has a natural pleasant fragrance. Good for my sensitive skin, helped me a lot.

Deepa Phirki
It lightened my complexion and also brought on a glow.

It lightened my complexion and also brought on a glow. Noticed a tingling sensation initially but then got to understand that this is natural. Skin feels well hydrated.

Roopa Shettigar
Reduced dark spots. My skin felt softer, lightened my complexion.

Reduced dark spots. My skin felt softer, lightened my complexion. Easy to use, spreads evenly on the face, cooling effect.

Gayatri Ghorpade
My skin type is oily and prone to acne which makes me very sceptical.

My skin type is oily and prone to acne which makes me very sceptical when it comes to using any moisturizer that is heavy. But at the same time, I understand how important it is to hydrate my skin and keep it well nourished. This product is a perfect replacement. It hydrates and moisturises my skin really well. I absolutely love the light and non-greasy texture.

Hesh Sarmalkar
My skin feels hydrated and rejuvenated.

My skin feels hydrated and rejuvenated. I am extremely satisfied as it is unlike any gel I have used. Skin feels healthy and also it gives a nice glow to the face. Liked the fragrance, colour and consistency too. Overall, I am very happy with the product.

Answer: Yes, it also has natural ingredients which have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help subside acne and soothe skin. Hence it helps oily, sensitive & acne prone skin.

Answer: Yes, this moisturizer for oily skin can be used under both makeup and sunscreen. Its ingredients offer sun protection and protection against environmental stressors, while also providing all day nourishment to your skin.

Answer: No. This is a 97% natural gel with various herbs and Aloe Vera for the face, with no artificial fragrance or colour. This natural hydrating moisturizer has the fragrance of Holy basil, Spearmint and Vetiver essential oil.

Answer: This hydrating moisturizer can be applied twice daily, morning and night or as often as required. You can also combine it with Namaskar Ayurved Vetiver water and Kumkumadi Oil for deeper hydration.

Answer: Yes. This hydrating moisturizer has been formulated with natural ingredients with no harmful or harsh ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives. It helps to improve the skin’s elasticity under the eye.