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Namaskar Ayurved Gentle & Nourishing Hair Cleanser 50ml/100ml/200ml

Namaskar Ayurved Gentle & Nourishing Hair Cleanser 50ml/100ml/200ml

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96% natural gentle yet effective hair cleanser which is free from Sulphate, Paraben, SLS, SLES and harmful chemicals. Ideal for daily use and fortified with pure Ayurvedic herbs beneficial for your hair.


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natural hair shampoo free from harmful chemicals
sulphate, paraben and SLS free natural shampoo

96% Natural

Dermatologically Tested

No Harmful Chemicals & No Harmful Preservatives

No Synthetic Colours & Fragrances

SLS, SLES (Sulfate) & Paraben Free

Silicon free

Gentle, mild and effective

Purest Ingredients

Cruelty Free & Vegan



natural shampoo for women for reduced dandruff

Herbal and natural shampoo which is vegan and free from Sulphate, SLS, SLES, Parabens, Silicones or any other harsh chemicals. This 96% natural and herbal shampoo achieves the required level of cleaning without stripping the hair and scalp of its natural oils or damaging your hair. Contains no added fragrance or colour and has the pleasing understated natural fragrance of Rosemary.

This potent hair cleanser is packed with many herbs that are proven in Ayurved to benefit the hair and scalp, restore moisture and add body.
Formulated with Rosemary and Triphala which are powerful tonics for hair growth, rich in antioxidants and help delay the onset of grey hair. Contains Shikakai which is a gentle cleansing agent and helps control dandruff and stimulate hair growth. Nimba has properties that help with dandruff treatment. The goodness of this potent formulation gently removes product build-up and leaves the locks feeling softer, cleaner and naturally refreshed.

  • Helps cleanse dirt, grime and oiliness.
  • Cleanses without stripping the natural oils of the scalp.
  • Contains herbs which are effective for dandruff treatment.
  • Contains ingredients which help protect hair and strengthen roots.
  • Tames frizzy hair and helps promote smooth and silky hair.
  • Is a Sulphate free shampoo with no Parabens & other harmful chemicals.
  • Cleanses chemical build up in the scalp.
  • Formulated with herbs known to aid itchy scalp treatment.
  • Goodness of Triphala helps in reducing greying of hair.

This Sulphate & Paraben free shampoo is for women and men of all ages and suitable for all scalp and hair types.

Step 1 - Massage the required quantity of Namaskar Ayurved Gentle & Nourishing Hair Cleanser into damp hair to generate mild lather.

Step 2 - Rinse off. As this is a 96% natural and herbal shampoo it will be gentle on your hair as compared to chemical laden shampoos. In case of oily hair, repeat as required. For best results, follow with Namaskar Ayurved Pure & Gentle Hair Conditioner. If your hair is chemically damaged or sensitive, please test a small amount on a small portion of your scalp.

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  • Triphala works as a powerful tonic for the hair.
  • Encourages hair growth and nourishes the hair follicles.
  • Keeps hair healthy and removes the natural build-up of toxins on the scalp when applied topically.
  • Rich in antioxidants which help to scavenge free radicals and prevent the signs of premature ageing like greying, hair fall etc.
  • Has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which keeps the scalp healthy and free of any infections
  • Anti-fungal properties also prevent and restrict dandruff, dryness and itching of the scalp

Shikakai /Saptala / Soap pod

  • Gently cleanses the hair without stripping off its natural oils.
  • Helps reduce the dryness and inflammation of the scalp. This herb is also considered to be a powerful anti-dandruff treatment.
  • Shikakai has anti-fungal properties that help with itchy scalp treatment.
  • Shikakai has a low pH and is naturally mild, hence causing no damage to scalp or hair.
  • Strengthens the hair roots and conditions the hair and scalp.
  • Acts as a natural cleanser.
  • Shikakai naturally lowers the pH value and retains the natural oils of the hair and keeps it lustrous and healthy.

Nimba / Neem / Margosa Tree

  • The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help keep the scalp free of infections.
  • Helps reduce dandruff in the scalp.
  • Neem is a good source for cooling the scalp and supporting the growth of lustrous hair.
  • Nimba oil is enriched with fatty acids, vitamin E, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It shields the skin and scalp from environmental damage.

** Some of the benefits mentioned above are the benefits of herbs used in the formulation. Based on traditional knowledge, Ayurvedic texts (including Charak Samhita, Bhava Prakasha, Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Sharangadhar Samhita, Sahasrayoga) and scientific publications on individual ingredients.

Answer: Yes. This hair cleanser is generally safe to be used on a sensitive scalp as it is 96% natural, Sulphate free and does not contain harsh chemicals. To ensure the purity of the product, we have used Eco-cert approved, safe preservatives and additives. This is not just a Sulphate and Paraben free shampoo but is also free from SLS, SLES, Silicones and artificial fragrance.

Answer: This cleanser is actually fortified with moisture boosting ingredients like Shikakai. Shikakai naturally cleanses the scalp without stripping off the natural oils and helps maintain the natural pH of the scalp and will not dry it.

Answer: Yes. This cleanser is a rich mix of Triphala, Shikakai, Neem, Rosemary oil and Licorice which have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties which prevent infection and keep the scalp healthy. The anti-inflammatory properties soothe and help as a natural dandruff treatment.

Answer: Yes. This herbal cleanser can be used daily. This gentle hair cleanser is a Sulphate and Paraben free shampoo which does not contain SLS, SLES, Silicones or harsh chemicals. The Ayurvedic herbs in this formulation are proven to be beneficial for hair and scalp health and help promote smooth and silky hair.

Answer: The anti-oxidant properties of Ayurvedic herbs in this cleanser help scavenge free radicals and therefore it protects hair from sun and other environmental stressors.

Answer: This Sulphate free shampoo should not cause any chemical build up. This is a 96% natural shampoo which is free from SLS, SLES, Paraben and other harmful chemicals. With regular use, the powerful natural ingredients in this shampoo will help to remove any chemical build up from your scalp.

Answer: No. This hair cleanser is free of any added synthetic colours or fragrances. We have used Rosemary oil in its natural form which gives this herbal shampoo its beautiful scent.

Answer: Yes. This Sulphate free shampoo is 96% natural and is also free from Parabens, Sulphates, SLS, SLES, Silicones, Mineral oils, petrochemicals andharmful chemicals. This cleanser has the goodness of time tested Ayurvedic herbs like Neem, Shikakai and Triphala that will cleanse, nourish and protect the hair and scalp.