About Us


We invite you to welcome into your world Namaskar Ayurved, our luxurious, results-based, skin, hair, and wellness range that a customer like you deserves. Ayurveda like yoga has benefits, which have been known in India for generations. However, unlike yoga even the modern Indian seems to be less conversant with the benefits and potential of this ancient science.

We do believe that in today’s world a discerning customer in India and globally is ready to experience the benefits of authentic Ayurveda. This customer awaits a world-class Ayurvedic product which delivers the goodness of this science through pure, high performing products manufactured with the best quality ingredients. In order to achieve this, we have crafted our brand ethos, product quality, packaging and design specifically for a quality conscious and selective global consumer.

We use only the most authentic traditional formulations and blend the purest ingredients, to create a potent mix of clinically proven and dermatologically tested luxurious products of undisputed quality and outstanding efficacy.



The potent benefits of solutions provided by Ayurveda, or any other science, can only be discerned if the ingredients used are pure and of a high quality, and traditional processes are followed. In a world of products that focus more on marketing and short cuts, we stand apart. We use only the best quality ingredients, formulate our natural and herbal products meticulously with expert Ayurvedic doctors, and follow the most authentic processes and recipes.

When you use our products, the power of the precious and pure ingredients will reveal themselves through the effective and visible results. Our products are 95-100% natural and contain no toxic metals or chemicals. They don’t merely cover or conceal, nor are they quick-fixes or temporary solutions. They build and fortify you from within, working on the root cause to give you a dose of goodness with every use.

We also don’t just rest on the laurels of the ancient science of Ayurveda to make our claims. Following the practice of the best global brands, we let modern science, rigorous tests and certifications from the best bodies validate and prove that our products are actually as effective as we claim them to be.
  • Our TEAM

  • Aditi Deshmukh

    Deeply spiritual, and a believer in the power of ancient Indian remedies, meditation and yoga. Mother of two young children, creator of an organic farm to table venture, and a holistic health and beauty expert.

  • Gita Nayyar

    A senior finance professional, governance expert and successful angel investor. Strong champion of diversity and inclusion. Ardent foodie and global traveller with an interest in all things related to design.

  • Abhijit Kandar

    The glue that holds everything together! IIM, Engineering Grad with roots in a farming family. Can solve and resolve even the most difficult issues.

  • Dr. P Shettigar

    Prajna is a Mother, Ayurvedic Doctor - Evangelist of traditional Ayurvedic processes and herbs.

  • Ashni Shah

    Compassionate, soft spoken, organised with a great can do attitude . Avid traveller and fashion and beauty enthusiast.

  • Kim Solomon

    Advisor. Marketing Communications, Strategy & Advertising Guru – Brand Planning, Creative and Content – movie and theatre buff, nature enthusiast.

  • Prachi Mohapatra

    Advisor. Marketing Guru - Discerning skin and hair care consumer.

  • Rohit Thakur

    Operation executive-latest addition to team, social media enthusiast.

Drivers of a Dream
Namaskar Ayurved was launched by two committed and successful women leaders, Aditi and Gita. They created this range of authentic and pure Ayurvedic products for customers like them who are used to the best global products. It is a manifestation of their journey and search for luxury Indian wellness and beauty products that deliver world class efficacy and products.

While creating Namaskar Ayurved both founders benefitted from their travel, knowledge and exposure to multiple luxury brands across several countries, having lived and travelled abroad frequently. Through their journey and to this day they remain extremely proud Indians, with a firm belief in traditional Indian herbs, remedies and scientific knowledge.

In Search of Excellence
Their quest began during the first phase of the pandemic, with a search for a trustworthy brand of natural and pure Indian products that would help build immunity and contribute to the overall health of children and families. They soon realised that traditional Ayurvedic products, fortified with powerful herbs like Ashwagandha, were a treasure trove of solutions with multiple benefits for health and beauty.

However, the transparency, quality standards, certifications and efficacy a brand would need to meet their exacting requirements were not readily available in the market. Consumers like Aditi and Gita, who could have benefited from the potency and power of ancient herbs and scientific wisdom, were hesitant to explore existing Ayurvedic products as they were not confident of their authenticity, efficacy and purity

Creation of a Precious Potent and Proven Brand

During their continued exploration of traditional Ayurveda, Aditi and Gita not only discovered its wellness benefits, but also identified the tremendous potential of classical Ayurvedic formulations for skin and hair care. Ayurvedic products that are packed with powerful herbs and oils, free from the damage of harmful chemicals presented a wealth of solutions to address the wellness and beauty concerns of our times.

This led them to create Namaskar Ayurved, a brand which would harness the power of this ancient Indian science for the modern, discerning customer; an authentic and traditional range, which was minimalistic, natural, clean, safe yet highly effective. Realising that many brands would make unverified claims, and in order to build complete trust, they decided to launch their brand with products proven by stringent clinical trials by external agencies.

While it is unusual for a start up brand to clinically prove so many of their products at launch, Aditi and Gita believed it was important to give their customers the comfort of the stringent clinical tests. They painstakingly developed this brand over a two year time frame with a committed team, the best advisors and created authentic formulations which were tested, amended and improved until they achieved the perfection they wanted Namaskar Ayurved to offer their customers.

We invite you to try our products and regimes that bring out the best in skin, hair and beauty over a period of regular use. Formulated with the purest of ingredients the aim was to work on internal and external underlying concerns to create a more beautiful and authentic you.

Organisation with Strong Principles

Equally important for them was that these products should be delivered through an organisation that would reflect the key values of its founders: an ethical organisation that would be gender balanced, an equal opportunity employer with a respectful and open culture. Very simply, Namaskar Ayurved would focus on delivering, with complete honesty and transparency, the very best to its customers and employees.


To re-acquaint the world with the knowledge and principles of Ayurveda and to be recognized as the most trusted brand in premium quality wellness and personal care products in Ayurveda, in India and Internationally.


To provide high quality products created from pure herbal and natural formulations, using traditional Ayurvedic processes, with zero adulteration, pollutants or chemicals, for the highest efficacy.


To be a socially conscious, gender balanced organisation, committed to the highest ethical standards, working for the betterment of the community and making the wellbeing of both its customers and its employees its priority.