Ayurvedic skincare for radiant & glowing skin Ayurvedic skincare for radiant & glowing skin

Namaskar to a luxury skin,

hair and wellness range

Namaskar Ayurved collections Namaskar Ayurved collections

Namaskar to a precious, potent

and proven skin care range

Ayurvedic hair care strong & soft hair Ayurvedic hair care strong & soft hair

Namaskar to a

luxurious and

rich hair care range

Ayurvedic wellness tablets and supplements Ayurvedic wellness tablets and supplements

Namaskar to inner wellbeing

with a promise of USDA

certified Ashwagandha

premium beauty giftsets for Men and Women premium beauty giftsets for Men and Women

Namaskar to purity

and goodness in a

luxurious gift box

Experience our luxurious , natural, authentic and pure range of clinically proven skin, hair and wellness products.
Clinically Proven
Dermatologically Tested
100% Ayurvedic
No Harmful Chemicals & Preservatives
No Heavy Metals
Clean Beauty
Cruelty Free




Many claims by Ayurvedic and beauty products in the market are not backed by third party scientific research with clinical trials . However, we are going the extra mile to prove what we claim and to give you complete knowledge about our products.


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"My daughter's wedding was by far one of the most meaningful and important days of my life. I was delighted to chance upon Namaskar Ayurved’s products just in time. The products reflected what we truly believed in purity, tradition and elegance and something I was proud to gift my loved ones.

My friends and family have been so appreciative of these gift boxes…from the way the box looks to the fragrance to the efficacy of the products – we have received many compliments."
Jyoti Sachdev Iyer, Designer – JSI
"My wife was using the Kumkumadi oil and I noticed a visible difference. I started using it as well and have noticed a significant difference as well in hydration and skin texture. Easy to use, absorbs well."
Zaid Nachan, Architect
"Kumkumadi Oil
I absolutely love the product. Since I have very dry skin the oil works like magic on my skin as it lasts all day, and my skin feels radiant and that glow I get from this product is like none other. I’ve tried so many, but this keeps my skin hydrated all day - it doesn’t wear off easily - and keeps the glow intact till the night"
Jaya Raheja, Interior Designer
"Kumkumadi Oil

A sense of calmness. My skin after using Kumkumadi felt so supple and calm. It felt healed. There was a visible glow and smoothness. No sunscreen, no moisturizer, no face serums, one stop solution for all. No primer required, make up glides nicely.
This product is a game changer and will change the way beauty is perceived."
Ashlesha Sawant, Actor
"Anti-Acne Face Pack
This product is excellent for my skin type which is acne prone and oily. It is quick to dry super light and easy to wash off. Ever since I started using the anti-acne face pack my skin feels brighter, cleaner, and clearer. I have noticed a reduction in breakouts. Over time the scars and open pores have reduced as well. This is my all-time favourite product. I highly recommend it.

Hydrating Face Gel
I use this with the Hydrating Face Gel which is light and non-greasy texture and keeps my acne and oily skin well hydrated without aggravating it like heavy moisturisers."
Gayatri Ghorpade, Artist
"I absolutely love hair oil. Has tamed my frizz like no other oil."
Anjali Kalachand, Founder holistic pet solutions company