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Intensely hydrating anti-ageing combo - Kumkumadi oil + Ghrit

Intensely hydrating anti-ageing combo - Kumkumadi oil + Ghrit

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Light and absorbent, all-natural facial oil combined with intensely revitalising and nutrient rich face mask for enhanced hydration, radiance and glow.
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Kumkumadi Oil:

An indulgent and rich facial oil, which is also your clean and natural substitute for a day and night facial serum. This lightweight Kumkumadi oil is blended with 23 herbs that penetrate into the deep layers of your skin, enhances skin hydration and strengthens your skin’s natural skin barrier.

Kumkumadi Ghrit:

A transformational skin care ritual which harnesses the power of ancient Ayurved formulations and potent herbs. This rich textured semi liquid pack is 100 % natural and cruelty free, and is the go-to face pack for glowing skin at home. This face pack contains one of the highest and purest qualities of Saffron and Turmeric and is chemical and fragrance free.