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Everyday beauty routine - face wash + vetiver + Kumkumadi Oil

Everyday beauty routine - face wash + vetiver + Kumkumadi Oil

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A dose of goodness everyday to deeply cleanse, refresh and nourish your skin.
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Face Wash:

This mildly aromatic, delicate face cleanser is a gorgeous blend of emollients and nature’s best anti-oxidants and pore cleansers. Packed with the goodness of 96% natural ingredients, this is the clean, cruelty free alternative to a chemical and alcohol laden cleanser. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne prone skin.


An all-day rejuvenating, re-energising natural face spray and skin toner with therapeutic properties of pure Vetiver, completely free from artificial fragrances. This multi purpose formulation has a pleasant and extremely refreshing fragrance. Can also be used by men as a natural and soothing alternative to aftershave. This is your natural, clean and vegan alternative to alcohol laden and chemical based skin toners and face mists.

Kumkumadi Oil:

An indulgent and rich facial oil, which is also your clean and natural substitute for a day and night facial serum. This lightweight Kumkumadi oil is blended with 23 herbs that penetrate into the deep layers of your skin, enhances skin hydration and strengthens your skin’s natural skin barrier.